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540 Micro Needle Derma Roller Therapy Skin

Sold By : Smart Gallery
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • High sealing sterilization packaging
  • Skin maintenance micro needle nurse system
  • Stimulate the collagen production
  • Improve elasticity of skin
  • Reduce pore size and firming
  • Smoothen acne scars, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circle
  • 0.5mm(Physician Use)-deep scars, body lifting, severe acne

9 Massagers Mat,Luxurious Silky-Quilted Mat with Soothing Heat Massage Cushion

Sold By : Smart Gallery
  • Type: Massage andRelaxation
  • Application: Body
  • Material: Non-woven,High quality Fibre
  • Dimension: 52cm x 14cm x 166cm
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Power: 18W
  • Massage heads: 9 Massage mode
  • Massage mode: 7
  • Massage Bed Design: Tourmaline
  • Mattress Specification: Body Massager
  • Massage parts: Head,Shoulder,Waist,Hips,Feet
  • Can be used on sofa, chair, bed etc

Dr. Japan Green Tea Active Face Lift Cream

Sold By : Smart Gallery
  • Original world renownedDr. Japan face cream with green tea extract
  • Skin lightening Complex
  • High quality & reliable product
  • Makes skin fairer, brighter and firmer
  • Lighten acne scars and dark spots

Basic Deal Slim N Lift Slimming Tummy Tucker Body Shaper Vest

Sold By : Smart Gallery
  • 12 pressure points in the stomach area to ensure a tighter look.
  • Made from elastic, comfortable and high quality Nylon (90%) and Spandex (10%) Anti-allergic fabric for that comfortable, hassle-free wear Ideal under clothing for men to improve look and increase confidence.
  • Give your confidence a boost as you instantly get a more pronounced and proper upper body posture with a Slim n Lift Men’s Vest.
  • Flattens abs instantly without exercise.
  • Very comfortable to wear, Gives you confident wearing it.
  • Color :- Black
  • Size S,M,L,XL,XXL

Self Heating Knee Brace Support Belt Leg Magnetic Therapy Pad

Sold By : Smart Gallery
  • Treatment as far as possible, relax your knee, slowlyincrease pressure
  • Self-heating pad designed for the knee.
  • High elastic belt, good elastic, wear comfortable, pasteandfirm, changeless form.
  • Can effectively improve blood circulation, promotemetabolism, and clear the meridians, enhance immunity.
  • To promote the new supersedes the old. The body,regulate the nervous system, endocrine activation.
  • Analgesia Quhan, dilation of blood vessels. Alleviate thephysical local fatigue and pain.
  • Burning excess body fat to achieve some goal of losingweight.
  • Have anti-inflammatory and analgesic, swelling the role.
  • Easy to use, discreet and can be used anywhere any time

Redu Body Shaper Sando Sauna Vest Shirt For Women- Weight Loss Apparel

Sold By : Smart Gallery
  • Sauna clothing has been scientifically proven to contribute to a significantly increased metabolism (20.8%) and to facilitate greater weight loss (40.4%) when compared to exercise performed under similar conditions with no sauna suit clothing.
  • The sauna shirt will cause you to sweat a lot, increase your metabolism, burn more calories, increase your mental and physical toughness, detoxify your immune system, and increase flexibility therefore decreasing the likelihood of injury.
  • Made with Neotex smart fabric technology
  • Greater calorie burn
  • Reduced waist circumference
  • Improved appearance of cellulite
  • Feeling of general well-being

Pain Relief Massage Oil Back, Legs, Arms, Knee, Body- 200ml

Sold By : Smart Gallery
  • Available also at 200ml
  • Nerve pain relief Massage oil
  • Highly effective for ache,sprain and pain in joints.
  • It also uses for body spa 
  • External use only 

New Pair Unisex Memory Foam Shoe Insoles Foot Care Comfort Pain Relief All Size

Sold By : Smart Gallery
  • • 100% BRAND NEW!
  • • Weight:37g
  • • Color: White
  • • AIR MEMORY insole specifically designed for Helping to defray the pressure of foot
  • • Use of space technology materials with Cushioning performance and memory performance.
  • • Reduce the Wei-foot sprain.
  • • Relieves pressure on the ball of your foot, bunions, swollen feet and joints
  • • Effective antibacterial and antifungal protection
  • • Resists the growth of odor causing bacteria
  • • Effectively increasing stability and comfort effectively reduce fatigue.
  • • Keep the foot more comfortable and dry.
  • • Prevents heel shock by cushioning your every step
  • • Supports your arch.
  • • Increases your stability by carding your foot and preventing foot roll.
  • • One size fits all (you can cut it by yourself freely)

Detoxi Slim Fast Slimming Weight Loss Supplements- 30 capsules

Sold By : Smart Gallery
  • The effective product for detoxification and weight loss within 7 days
  • It has property in restraining the conversion of glucose into fats which is beneficial for those who want to control weight.
  • With HCA compound, it can increase the function of Carnitine Acyltransferase, leading to fat burning.
  • It’s served as a light laxative.

Electric Vibrating Slimming Belt-Blue

Sold By : Smart Gallery
  • Brand Name: Healthsweet
  • Application:Body
  • Model Number:Slimming Massage
  • Belt Size:Medium
  • Item Type:Massage & Relaxation
  • Material:Polyester, ABS
  • Category:Slimming Belt Color:Blue
  • Size:125 x 17 CM Function:Lose Weight
  • Max Power:7.2W
  • Power output: DC12V 1000mA

Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer For Women (Pink)

Sold By : Smart Gallery
  • Gentle hair removal and precise shaping for your delicate body parts, ideal for upper lip, side burns and eyebrows
  • Quick and Gentle: Easily remove any unwanted hair in one go
  • High Precision: Dedicated accessories to get precise shaping and styling
  • Ideal also for quick touch-ups wherever you go
  • Wide Range of Accessories: 1 precision head, 1 bikini head, 2 combs, 1 beauty cap, 1 cleaning brush

4K Plus Whitening Night Cream 20 g. Whitening Anti-aging Smooth Firm Skin

Sold By : Smart Gallery
  • Reduce the age of your look and fill the look of your appearance.
  • Your appearance will radically change the age and age of the stain while using 4k plus to sleep.
  • It is made of himalayan salt or pink salt, which help reduce acne, stains on your skin, and moisturizing the skin smoothly.
  • It has the help of (Synake) Swiss technology, helps reduce the losses.
  • It has more Tibetan snow lotus or kefir which helps to bring back moisturizing.
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